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Potential Tokyo Trip In September

Hello! My friend and I are planning a trip to Tokyo for the middle of September (we already pushed it back because of you know what, so we’re hoping to be able to get there by this timeframe). I have been perfecting our itinerary and I would love some opinions on our activities. I’m also interested in any spots we may have missed!
I will be marking down time based on Japan Time Zone. Also, we do not have our reservations made (lodging, plane tickets, etc), however we are keeping track of that rn. We are interested in lodging near Shibuya or Akihabara. We are also trying to get SIM cards and traveler’s insurance for the trip.
September 13 (JP Time) - arrive at Haneda Airport around 4 pm - get cash exchanged (we have a layover in Toronto where we could possibly exchange for cheaper, however it’s only for an hour, so we may have to wait to get to Japan to do that) - purchase Passmo/Suica cards - go to AirBnB - explore Shibuya ~ Disney Store (my friend wants to get a pin) ~ Tokyu Hands ~ GU (I love GU!!) ~ Mega Don Quijote ~ Don Don Down on Wednesday ~ Genki Sushi for dinner ~ Walk Center-gai ~ Shibuya 109 ~ Find Hachiko
September 14 - head to Ikebukuro ~ Mister Donut for breakfast ~ Sunshine Aquarium ~ Sunshine City - head to Shinjuku ~ Yayoi Kusama Museum (there’s a a chance this may be closed on Mondays; need confirmation. If it is then we’ll hold off on it for the last full day) ~ Aburasoba for lunch ~ Try cream puffs at Beard Papa’s ~ Maruhan Casino (my friend wants to play pachinko) ~ Cat Cafe Mocha Lounge ~ Hanazono-jinja Shrine ~ Walk Golden-gai ~ Thermae Yu Sento
September 15 - head to Harajuku around 9 AM (it’s gonna be a long day) ~ Meiji Jingu ~ Yoshinoya at start of Takeshita Street for brunch ~ Go along Takeshita Street (there are MANY stores I want to visit along this path, someone please tell me how long you spent on this street) ~ Go to sevens thrift store, DOG, 2nd Street, Kinji, and Nadia ~ Laforet ~ Sailor Moon Store ~ Visit Tokyu Plaza - walk to Omotesando ~ Kiddyland ~ Walk Cat Street ~ Ragtag thrift store ~ Asoko - head back to Airbnb to drop off stuff - train to Shimokitazawa ~ Hiroki for dinner (Okonomiyaki) ~ Stick Out ~ Chicago ~ Garage ~ Flamingo ~ Haight and Ashbury ~ New York Joe
September 16 - head to Tsukiji Market early in the morning - head to Asakusa ~ Get fitted for kimono/yukata ~ Senso-ji ~ Nakamise Street ~ Ueno Park ~ Return kimono/yukata ~ Imahan for lunch (sukiyaki) ~ Kakimori stationary store - head back to AirBnB - Gonpachi (Kill Bill restaurant) for dinner - Find a karaoke room and sing to our hearts content
September 17 - head to Odaiba and go to TeamLab Borderless - head to Akihabara ~ Yamashiroya ~ Hard Off Hobby Off ~ McDonald’s for lunch ~ Gamers ~ Super Potato ~ Mandarake ~ Animate ~ Taito Station ~ Gashapon Hall ~ Muji ~ Coco Ichibanya for dinner
September 18 - Find a Lotteria to get breakfast - Head to Mitaka and visit Ghibli Museum - Head back to AirBnB and order Pizza-La for dinner - Go clubbing
September 19 - check out of AirBnb and check into a capsule hotel - go to a ramen shop for lunch ~ Kikanbo (Ikebukuro) ~ Menshotaketora (Roppongi/Ginza) - free-ish day (places listed below are optional) ~ Geisha Experience with Kaiseki set (Asakusa) ~ Owl Cafe (Harajuku) ~ Peanuts Cafe (Daikanyama) ~ Flamingo Cafe (Shibuya) ~ Gotoukuji Shrine (Setagaya) ~ Shirohige’s Cream Puffs (Setagaya) ~ Bape Store (Shibuya) ~ Cup Noodle Museum (Yokohama) - places we have to visit today ~ Parco (Shibuya) ~ Kiki2 (Koenji) ~ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure bar (Nakano)
September 20 - check out of capsule hotel - get lunch at Mentsudon (udon) - spend time in Tokyo for two hours - head back to Haneda 2 PM - return Passmo/Suica cards and head home
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NFS Code Name Japan/ Tokyo Nights

S/O to straightuphippo on this concept. I just want to give some constructive criticism on this. I like the ideas presented, but I don't like the way that you layered 2 videos on top of each other, again, it was a nice idea, but it does not look good in my opinion I would have rather just seen the still image and than when you push start it should switch to the videos of the camera walking around the cars, I also want to say the logos are also a no go, they have the rising sun in them, which in Japan has become kind of controversial in much the same way that the confederate flag in the US has, but for different reasons. however these are just 2 downsides to the many plus sides of this video. I think the actual content here is great, just those 2 negatives make me prefer video 2 over video 1, however I think maybe a combo of both would look nice. also side note, is that Jay trying to impersonate The Broker, or is that you impersonating The Broker?
Gameplay Concept Video
S/O to louisbarron16 for making this bad ass gameplay concept. the voice acting is alright, not the best, but certainly better than Tyler Morgan from Payback so it's a yes from me. also, the UI in my opinion looks a bit retro, so in my opinion it could use some work, but the idea is the gameplay and not really the UI. also louisbarron16 I would have turned stability on for the video, but still great video.
Since these cover ats are popular right now I thought I’d list cover arts for Japan style NFS games made by the community that I like. Cover art credits goes to Mighoet straightuphippo (@StraightUpHippo on Twitter) and @3almalios on twitter. Mighoet’s Cover Art, StraigtUpHippo’s Cover Art, 3amalions Cover Art
I’m going to start this thread with a controversial statement. I prefer the only night time setting because it is easier to develop for, allows for better graphics, and makes it easier to create a dark and gritty story about the underworld of street racing. It also aligns very well with the locations I picked for the game. In my honest opinion the day time setting would be boring in my proposed location. So this game im proposing will be night time only. And before you go on a crusade, the locations I picked were picked with the night time setting in mind. There will be plenty of color and plenty of life. Even though it is only night time everything will still feel alive, and the only way to convince you of that is to talk about the map.
Shibuya Crossing Intersection
Bayshore Route
Rainbow Bridge
Tokyo Dockyards (where ever the dockyards from prostreet are based)
Odaiba Statue of Liberty
Life Size Gundam Statue
Ebisu Circuit
Mount Fuji
Free DLC and if MTX must be a thing, shortcut packs. But in the ideal world it would be all free, and Ghost & EA do not have an excuse anymore considering that GT Sport had a rather large expansion that was completely free with no MTX either. Plus when you look at 2015 and compare its DLC to Paybacks DLC it’s not very difficult to see that 2015’s free updates had more content than Paybacks paid DLC. plus, when looking back 2015 was supported for quite a long time, it may not feel like it but 6 months is quite a long time when reflecting back.
in order to really sell the fact you are in a big japanese city based on Tokyo, there will need to be a lot of AI walking on the sidewalks and across the street. These AI will work very similarly to the AI in Midnight Club LA, if you try running them over they will run and jump out of the way. I have seen Ghost very reluctant to add this as a feature because “this is not GTA” and I agree it is not GTA, thats why these NPC’s are impossible to kill, they have no death sequences, they are simply 3d character models walking around. Also, I dont think the NPC’s should be commending you for being an idiot and doing donuts and shit. If you start doing destructive and reckless things such as burnouts and donuts a few NPC’s will simply give you negative looks. They will be displeased. If you are just cruising in an expensive car or a highly customized car a few NPC’s might pull out their phone and take a few snaps while saying nice car in Japanese. Ya know, basic stuff to make you feel like you are in a living world. Payback tried, but I feel like having the NPC’s commend you for doing burnouts and driving fast is really an unrealistic thing for real life people to do thus making the feature kind of immersion breaking.
Yes, payback has good physics. They work and they can be fun, but to me it’s a bit dated at this point. I don’t hate the brake to drift and casual drifting, but I’d rather have a grip focused handling model I know many racing game fans and more importantly hardcore NFS fans that want a grip focused handling model like Carbon or Most Wanted. People want that arcadey grip handling model where you can actually screw up and spin out. And quite honestly for this game im suggesting, a drift focused handling model will not work. It just won’t. Brake to drift just is not fun in city environments which is what Codename Japan is focusing on. Drift focused handling will not work for the canyon layouts of my map either because well, I designed them with the idea of sudden death Toge events (AKA Canyon Duels) in mind. The physics model I’m proposing will allow you to drift if you equip drift biased upgrades, but if you equip the drift biased upgrades you won’t be able to compete in grip style events, to do that you will need to equip neutral or grip handling upgrades, likewise the only way to compete in drift events is to put on drift handling upgrades.
P.S. the curb issues will be fixed, they will no longer launch you 10 miles into the air.
I’m going to start off by saying get real Japanese, real American, and real Japanese-Americans to star in the game. No fake accents. Especially not from British people I hate it when British people try to do the American accent likewise I hate it when Americans do the British accent. So please have the actors match where their characters are from. And anyone doing japanese accents that are not japanese will just come across as racist.
this proposed game will contain both CG elements and live action in the cutscenes, and there is no excuse to not include live action stuff. With Payback they claimed that there were not enough sets and that you could not really do explosions and stuff in live action environments and I completely disagree, plenty of films have done explosions in live action environments by making the explosion itself CG. there is really no excuse to exclude the live action stuff, so that’s why it will be here in this proposed game. Think of it like Carbon where they blend CG elements with live action elements.
The biggest issue I have with Payback is its story. To me everything felt way too tied to social media rather than what is supposed to be the main star of the game the car and the characters. Not only this but the story is not gritty. In Payback it just felt like mostly everyone was trying be your friend like no one hated you. To make things even worse Payback has had by far the worst set up for a story I have ever seen. I’m sure Bollywood films have better setups than Payback, but that’s just my opinion. I’m going to spoil the set up here so, spoiler warning, but it’s not really something that matters all that much because not only is it a super predictable set up, but the set up also happens within the first few minutes of gameplay, spoiler The issue is even worse with Paybacks characters being seriously under developed. I mean to this day the only thing I know about Marcus Weir is that he owns a casino. To this day the only thing I know about tyler is that he is a street racer who is an annoying ass hole, To further issues even more spoiler so there is no reason for you to be mad or to fight to the end. No i’m not asking for intense blood and gore, just something subtle like spoiler That’s the kind of twist and combination that NFS has never explored and in my opinion, they need to. People you care about need to die in these stories the protagonist needs to screw up a few times (but not too much, just enough for us to know that they are human), I feel like doing this will not only make the story more dark, but will also teach important lessons about how people are not perfect and how people you love might die if they are involved in something as dangerous as illegal street racing and illegal street drifting. Just look at the classic F&F movies, look at the classic NFS games and than make a dark gripping story that in inspired by those films and games. I know, it’s easier said than done, but it’s your job and it needs to be done. The story has to show why running from your problems is a bad idea. There needs to be lessons rooted in the dark stories. It can not be just over the top action, there needs to be substance there.
and in terms of making good characters, making emotional moments, and making good use of cinemetography the story developers at Ghost Games should watch the videos linked below. Now I know not all of these videos will help make a good NFS story, however it is stuff every film/game director should know.
NO MTX based upgrades and no randomized upgrades. When you upgrade you get what you pay for. There is no reason for the upgrades to be completely randomized. None. if you want parts to be harder to achieve just increase the amount of money they cost. Now onto the depth. Brands will be returning, but it will be more streamlined than in Payback. Gone are the perks. You simply select the brand and than you select whether you want to favor speed or acceleration for engine upgrades and for tire, suspension, or brakes you select whether you want them to be grip or drift. But if you want to compete in Grip Races or Toge events you have to either have neutral or grip handling upgrades.
Driver Skills: formerly known as perks in Payback are being removed from the upgrades and being moved to “driving skill” where you can improve skills such as transmission skill, air skill, and control, transmission skill will decrease the amount of time it takes to shift gears, air skill will increases landing stability, and control skill will increase grip. You might think it’s unrealistic, but its not, the skills I selected are skills you would realistically get better at in real life if you put in the time to get better at them, which is kind of why I put that element into my game as I think it is a more realistic way of doing RPG without being random.
Perks: Perks are something completely optional all the perks are 1 time use only and cannot be used in online. Now that’s out of the way, perks give you a special ability when equipping them. The perk options you have the option for are Speedbreaker, which allows you to slow down time for a few seconds, Quick-Repair, which allows you to quickly repair the vehicles damage when it is at 75% damage or more, Supercharged Nos, which supercharges your nos allowing for more acceleration when using your first tank of nos, and Anit-Killswitch, which makes cops with kill switches ineffective in kill switching your vehicle.
Crew Members: there are multiple types of crew members available in game. The different types of crew members are as follows; Drafter, Scout, and Blocker. Drafters give their crew member more speed by letting them slipstream off of them, Scouts will essentially highlight all the shortcuts in an event, and Blockers will take out other racers in your way. You unlock Drafters by beating Grip Bosses with a specialty in drag, you unlock scouts from Grip Bosses with a focus on circuit racing, and you unlock blockers by beating Grip Bosses with a focus on sprint racing. The crew members are completely optional and you can complete the game without them if you feel like they are a crutch in any way. DISCLAIMER: you can NOT take crew members into drift events, boss races, toge events, or wangan battles.
I’m going to make this as clear as possible, you can NOT skip these challenges by purchasing a MTX because that would get rid of the entire point of having these in the first place.
GTR Builds: build types that require you to complete a list of challenges to unlock, every car in the game gets a GTR Build that you can unlock via completing an assignment in game. One of the GTR upgrades you can unlock is the GTR upgrade for the BMW M3 E46. in order to unlock the GTR upgrade for the E46 you have to get your E46 M3 to heat level 5, conquer all races in career mode using any vehicle, cause 200,000 in fines in 1 pursuit using your E46 M3, and ram 50 police vehicles using your E46 M3. By unlocking and equipping the GTR upgrade for the E46 M3 you will essentially turn your M3 E46 into an M3 GTR E46 by swapping in the M3 GTR NA V8, by equipping straight cut gears, and by equipping the M3 GTR body kit.
Preset Wraps: NFS Japan will come with preset wraps to unlock via completing a list of challenges. One preset wrap “The Most Wanted” for the M3 E46 will be unlocked by having a bounty of 150k, avoiding 5 spike strips in a single pursuit, winning 10 speed trap events, getting a speed of 200 MPH in a single speed trap, and disabling 10 cops in a single pursuit.
Special Vehicles: special vehicles consist of the Fire Truck, the Isuzu Giga 2017, the Mitsubishi Fuso Fe 180 Garbage Truck 2016, the Isuzu Erga Hybrid (Bus), the Police Mazda CX-5 Rhino, the Police Subaru Legacy, the Police Nissan Skyline V35, the Police Nissan Skyline R34, and the Police Mazda RX8. in order to unlock the Police R34 you have to purchase 20 cars, score 500,000 points in a drift event, accumulate a fine of 50k, and disable 100 cops.
Police will now be in free roam.
Pursuit breakers return: pursuit breakers are scripted destruction sequences which will kill police chasing you. You can take out scaffolding and knock them out, you can knock cars out of car carrier trailers, you can knock over small walls, and you can knock over big signs.
Heat Levels Return: initial heat levels are determined based on speed if you pass a cop at over 160 MPH you will start at heat level 2 if you are below 160 you will start at heat 1. These heat levels are retained, when you leave a pursuit your heat level will remain at what it was when you went into cool down, the only way to lower heat level is to edit the visual customization or to park the car in the garage for a few races.
Impound Strikes Return: any time you get busted your car gets an impound strike at 3 your car is impounded. If your car gets impounded you can purchase it back, but it will cost as much as buying the car new again. If you do not have any cars left and if you do not have enough money to buy your car back from the impound lot or buy a new car from the car lot than the game is over and you have to restart (or quite the game before it saves).
Fine: when in a pursuit the police will tally up every offense you make such as reckless driving, speeding, street racing, destruction of property, etc, and these add up quickly, if you get busted and can’t pay the fine you will be in debt, if you fail to get your balance back to 0 within a certain amount of play time the police will increase you to max heat level so, make sure you don’t get in debt.
Pull Over Mechanic: If you don’t want a police pursuit you can just pull over and pay the fine of the violation you comminited. Pulling over is not an option with high heat levels or if you commit a big offense such as destruction of property. Essentially it’s the same pullover mechanic as 2015 and Midnight Club LA.
Heat 1: Subaru Legacy
Heat 2: Nissan Skyline V35
Heat 3: Mazda RX-8, Mazda CX-5 (Rhino)
Heat 4: Nissan Fairlady Z, Mazda CX-5 (Rhino), Police-Heli
Heat 5: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R With Kill-Switches Attached,Mazda CX-5 (Rhino), Police-Heli
5Zigen PANTHERA Version M6
5Zigen KOMA 3
American Racing VF307
American Racing VF509
American Racing VF479
American Racing Torq Thrust II
American Racing Outlaw 1
Asanti CX854
Asanti CX860
Asanti DA191
Asanti DA162
Asanti DA165
BBS Super RS
Cosmis MR7
Cosmis S1
Cosmis S5R
Cosmis XT-006R
Cosmis XT-206R
Enkei GTC01RR
Enkei RPF1
Enkei TS-10
Fifteen 52 Outlaw
Fifteen 52 Formula
Fifteen 52 Formula TR
Fifteen52 Mullet
Fifteen52 Snowflake
Fifteen52 Tarmac
Fifteen52 Tarmac 348
Fifteen52 Tarmac F40
Fifteen52 Tarmac R43
Fifteen52 Teardrop
Fifteen52 Turbomac
Hayashi Street Type CR
Hayashi Yayoi
HRE 505
König Tweak’d
König Wideopen
König Maxxim Chance
Rays Volk TE37
Rays Volk TE37V
Rays 57D
Rays 57Xtreme
Rays CE28N
Rays RE30 Club Sport II
Rotiform BLQ Super Concave
Rotiform Concave INDT
Rotiform LVS
Rotiform IND
RTR Tech 7
RTR Tech Mesh
SSR XR4 Longchamp
Vossen CV3
Vossen CV5
Vossen VFS2
Vörsteiner VSE001
Vörsteiner VSE002
Vörsteiner VSR162
Vörsteiner VSR163
Vörsteiner VSR165
Vörsteiner VSM310
Vörsteiner VSM312
Vörsteiner VSM313
Vörsteiner VTM350
Vörsteiner VTM351
Watanabe Type A
Watanabe Type R
Weds Bazreia
Weds LXZ
Weds SA15R
Weds SA60M
Weds SA55M
Weds SA72R
Weds TC105N
Weds Vishunu
Weld Alumastar Frontrunner
Weld Alumastar Rear
Weld Weld Star
Work Meister S1 3pc
Work Meister S1 2pc
Work Meister M1
Work Emotion D9R
Work Emotion CR Kiwami
Work Meister CR01
Work Emotion XT7
Work VS XX
Work VS KF
Boss Car 1 (grip)
Boss Car 2 (grip)
Boss Car 3 (drift) (wrap by Jvy Pennant)
Boss Car 4 (drift) (wrap by Jvy Pennant)
Boss Car 5 (drag)
Boss Car 6 (drag)
Antagonist Car: I do not want to screw it up, if you want to have a go at making it it needs to look evil and must have an iconic look to it.
RX7 In Car Meet Cutscene (Introduction To Drifting)
Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R in Car meet cutscene (Introduction To Drifting)
Nissan 180SX In Car Meet Cutscene (Introduction To Drifting)
Sudden Death Tōge - Sudden Death Tōge is an event type that requires a lot of skill and precision, on the first run, you will be following the opponent, on the second run the opponent will be following you. Ramming an opponent in the first stage will deduct 5000 points from your score, being rammed by an opponent in the second stage will grant you 5000 points. If anyone falls off the cliff, if 1 driver gets passed, or if a driver falls behind, the race is over.
Time Attack Tōge - Time Attack Tōge is a race against the clock and a true test of your skills. If you fall off the edge, the race is over, if you hit a wall you will get a 2 to 5 second penalty (depending on balance). If you run out of time before reaching the finish or if you fall off the cliff the race is over you lose.
Sprint Race - Point to point street race that takes place in the canyons and in the city, but mostly in the city.
Circuit Race - street races that take place in the city that take place along a set route with a set number of laps and a single start/finish line.
Speedtrap - Speedtrap events take place along a point-to-point route with several speed cameras that award points based on a participant's captured speed. This event type has heavy cop presence.
Drift Race - Drift events require participants to earn as many points as they can by drifting their car, and can take place in canyons, city circuit routes or in multistory parking garages.
Tandem Battle- a Tandem Battle is a drift event where its you against 1 other AI driver. Tandem Battles are split into 2 rounds, much like Sudden Death Toge except instead in drifting form. The goal is to stay as close as possible to the other driver while drifting, the closer you are the higher your multiplier will be, in the first round you start off by following and drifting to gain points, in the second round your goal is to keep your distance from the other player. If you ram a player in the first round of a Tandem Battle you will have a 5000 point penalty and if they ram you in the second round, you gain 5000 points.
Lap Knockout - A circuit race in which the player who is in last place after each lap gets disqualified from that race.
Drag Race - a race in a straight line with 2 to 6 players compete for the perfect shifts. You need to keep track of engine temp though over reving or going over red line will raise engine temp if your engine temp gets too high your engine will blow for longer drag races cars with more top end power might be more useful, but in events with shorter routes a car with more low end torque might be more useful. If you crash out you lose that round of the drag race.
Wangan Battles - Wangan Battles are battles which take place on long stretches of highway/motorway that start at 80 MPH (128 KMH) with the goal of getting to 200 MPH (321 KMH) quicker than your opponent. whoever reaches 200 MPH (321 KMH) first wins.
Outrun Races - The winner of an Outrun Race is the racer that overtakes their opponent and sustains a lead of at least 1,000ft (300m). Both racers can drive wherever they want as there's no determined route.
Grip Boss’ - Grip boss’ challenge you when you conquer all of their territory. When you conquer a grip crews territory they will challenge you in 3 different events. First you will have to race the boss in a sprint race through the city, than you will have a Wangan Battle with the boss, and if you win against them in those 2 races and only then will the boss challenge you to a Sudden Death Toge Battle. if you lose the Toge Battle they reclaim all the territory you had taken from them. If you win you keep their territory. NO RESTARTS are allowed in the Sudden Death Toge events against bosses, however restarts are allowed on the Wangan Battle and on the Sprint Race through the city. Grip boss races take place at night time only.
Drift Boss’ - Drift boss’ challenge you when you conquer all of their territory. When you conquer their territory they will challenge you to 3 different events. First you will face the boss in a drift circuit in a multistory parking garage, than you will need to beat their score on their favorite drifting route in the city, and when you beat the boss in those events the boss will challenge you to a Tandem Battle. If you lose the Tandem Battle the boss will reclaim all the territory you took from him, if you win you keep their territory. NO RESTARTS are allowed in a Tandem Battle against bosses, however you can restart in the first 2 events that take place before the Tandem Battle.
Drag Boss’ - Drag boss’ challenge you when you conquer all of their territory, when you take all of their their territory they will challenge you to 3 events. 2 drag races 1 on the highway and 1 in the city and a Wangan Battle on the highways. If you lose the Wangan Battle the boss will reclaim all the territory you took from them. NO RESTARTS are allowed in the wangan battle, however, restarts are allowed in the 2 drag races.
Online Free Roam - Roam around Japan with your friends or by yourself and show off your ride to players around the world if you desire.
Pursuit Knockout - Pursuit Knockout is a party game mode that pits players against each other in a lap knockout style game mode, but rather than being disqualified for being in last place at the end of a lap you become a pursuing officer in a police cruiser trying to take down other players. The players you takedown also become pursuing officers in police cruisers trying to take out other races. The game ends when all players become police or when 1 person crosses the finish line alive.
Team Escape - Team escape is a PvE (player vs environment) game mode that takes place along an enclosed A to B course with up to six players working together to evade the police.
Cops & Robbers - A 6 v 6 party game mode that pits cops against racers. As the racers you must pick up and deliver packages without being taken out. As a cop your job is to stop them from picking up and delivering the packages. The game ends when the racers deliver all the packages or when the cops arrest all the racers.
Pursuit Tag - A 12 player party game mode where at the beginning of a round someone is randomly chosen to become a cop the job of that cop is to tag the opponents each tagged opponent becomes a cop. The person who remains untouched the longest is the winner of the event.
Crew Races - a 6 v 6 event type that pits 2 teams against each other in a sprint race. The goal of each team is to get as many players in front of the other team. The team who crosses the line with the most players in front wins.
Lap Knockout - A circuit race in which the player who is in last place after each lap gets disqualified from that race.
Circuit Races - Circuit events take place along a set route with a set number of laps and a single start/finish line.
Sprint Race - Point to point street race that takes place in the canyons and in the city, but mostly in the city.
Speedtrap - Speedtrap events take place along a point-to-point route with several speed cameras that award points based on a participant's captured speed. This event type has heavy cop presence.
Drag Race - a race in a straight line with 2 to 6 players compete for the perfect shifts. You need to keep track of engine temp though over revving or going over red line will raise engine temp if your engine temp gets too high your engine will blow for longer drag races cars with more top end power might be more useful, but in events with shorter routes a car with more low end torque might be more useful. If you crash out you lose that round of the drag race.
Drift Race - Drift events require participants to earn as many points as they can by drifting their car, and can take place in canyons, city circuit routes or in multistory parking garages.
Wangan Battles - Wangan Battles are battles which take place on long stretches of highway/motorway that start at 80 MPH (128 KMH) with the goal of getting to 200 MPH (321 KMH) quicker than your opponent (s). whoever reaches 200 MPH (321 KMH) first wins.
More down below in the comments.
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Trip Report - 9 Days of Tokyo Halloween & Autumn Festival

First I'd like to thank this subreddit so much for all the help it provided me. This was my first time in Japan with just me and my SO and we had an absolute blast. With that being said, here's my collection of photos!
From what I've seen, most folks spend not too much time in Tokyo and usually head around to other cities, I wanted to share my experience spending most of my time in the city and enjoying what it had to offer for the Halloween/Autumn season!
Friday, Oct 26th - Shibuya
Saturday, Oct 27th - Studio Ghibli Museum + Monster Hunter Bar
Sunday, Oct 28th - National Garden + Anata no Warehouse + Kawasaki Halloween Parade
Monday, Oct 29th - Meiji Jingu + Harajuku + Unagi Hashimoto + Ikebukuro Sunshine City + Pokemon Cafe
Tuesday, Oct 30th - Ueno Park + Akihabara
Wednesday, Oct 31st - Senso-ji + Kappabashi + Edo-Tokyo Museum
Thursday, Nov 1st - Tokyo DisneySEA
Friday, Nov 2nd - Odaiba + Miraikan + Shinjuku
Saturday, Nov 3rd - End of the Journey
Overall I really enjoyed my trip and even though I only stayed in Tokyo and the surrounding areas, I felt that it had a lot to offer besides the usual tourist affair.
To add to this un general, there is so much good food. It is better to just tripmaster or yelp a good reviewed restaurant and the food will be delicious regardless. Doesn't need to be a recommended place with a long line. We ate at decent places and had conbini food aside from Unagi Hashimoto and it was great.
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お台場で見た 日本のカジノゲーム 面白そう。 Japan casino games interesting in ... Real Gundam Found In The Center Of Odaiba,Japan Odaiba Gundam teamLab Borderless in Odaiba  Japan Pt 4 [Canon M50 Vlog] Odaiba Gundam ODAIBA '09 Casino Japan Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba Odaiba Japan Face à un robot géant Gundam ! - Odaiba - VLOG Japon #7 ...

Popular Videos. Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic - Part 01. Playdate It’s a landmark in Odaiba, which boasts 100meters in diameter rising 115meters from the ground. You can enjoy the splendid view of 2 towers and 2 bridges: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bride. 16minuites ride in the twilight would be very romantic. Odaiba, which already has an amusement park and shopping malls for children and nongamblers, can be transformed into a casino park that can cater to the entire family, he said. “The governor ... ODAIBA Casino. ODAIBAカジノは日本語対応したカジノでした。 ODAIBA Casinoは名前からして、日本人向けにサービスを行うことを前提に海外で設立したオンラインカジノでしょう。 現在では海外の会社のサービスでも、主に日本人向けに運営しているカジノを利用していると逮捕される可能性が高くなり ... Book Casino bar in Odaiba/Toyosu on Activity Japan.Compare Casino bar in Odaiba/Toyosu by price, popularity and evaluation. Find and book experiences, amusements, leisure, sightseeing tours and fun activities from around Japan. There are many discouted parices on Activity Japan. Tokyo Odaiba Casino (Game) - Giant Bomb ... Videos Tokyo Odaiba Casino (Japan) Start Game. Tokyo Odaiba Casino (Japan) 27 0 0 0 . Embed Code. Add to Favorite . Comments. You may be interested in: Start Game. Nintendo DS. 0. Anata Dake no Private Lesson - DS de Hajimeru Tipness no Yoga (Japan) Start Game. Start Game. Nintendo DS. 2. Bakugan - Battle Brawlers (USA) (En,Fr) Start Game. Start Game ... Tokyo Odaiba Casino (SuperLite 2500) (6rz) game is available to play online and download for free only at Romsget. Tokyo Odaiba Casino (SuperLite 2500) (6rz) ROM for Nintendo DS download requires a emulator to play the game offline. Tokyo Odaiba Casino (SuperLite 2500) (6rz) is English (USA) varient and is the best copy available online. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Top Casinos in Odaiba / Shiodome / Shinbashi: See reviews and photos of Casinos & Gambling in Odaiba / Shiodome / Shinbashi, Tokyo (Japan) on Tripadvisor.

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お台場で見た 日本のカジノゲーム 面白そう。 Japan casino games interesting in ...

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue IT'S A GUNDAM!!!!! This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue ODAIBA '09 Casino. ODAIBA '09 Casino. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is ... Vlog n°7 au Japon, on va sur l'île artificielle d'Odaiba qui nous réserve de nombreuses petites surprises ! :) J'espère que vous allez aimer ! Aimez, comment... お台場のヴィーナスフォートで見た 日本のカジノゲーム 面白そうです。It looks like very much fun Japan casino games interesting in Odaiba. However casino is illegal in ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Day in the Life of a Japanese Casino Worker Pachinko - Duration: 14:51. Paolo fromTOKYO 1,908,212 views. 14:51 ... Opening ceremony for Japan’s Unicorn Gundam statue in Odaiba, Tokyo - Duration ... teamLab Borderless: In this episode of the Japan vlog, we start off the day at the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, head down to Shinjuku again for the Samurai Museum ...